Reasons You Dry Clean Your Wool Clothes


It’s time to put on all your favourite cold-weather clothing, including your wool sweaters and coats, as winter is quickly approaching and autumn is full of flow. Wool apparel is cosy, stylish, and ideal for the current season. However, anyone who has owned a wool sweater is aware of how difficult it can be to maintain and clean wool.

All it takes is one tiny error while washing wool clothing for you to end up with a favourite item of clothing that is now three times too small. Well, there are times when you can follow all the rules and yet end up in the same situation due to pure dumb luck.

While most of the wool clothing is not “dry clean only,” you’ll find that some wool items are. Many people will try to hand-wash their wool sweaters. Even if wool isn’t marked “dry clean only,” cleaning it yourself is difficult and can be made much easier and quicker by taking it to a professional cleaner.

Here are reasons to consider using professional dry cleaning services for your wool clothing.

Why Should You Consider Dry Cleaning For Your Wool Clothes

  • Reduce shrinking

Owners of wool sweaters are most worried about shrinkage. It’s the stuff of nightmares to have your all-time favourite sweater suddenly shrink to the point where it only fits your nephew, who is 8 years old. Wool shrinks when treated to high heat and dampness, and vigorous mechanical motions can worsen this problem. So it’s only occasionally advisable to bring your prized wool clothing anywhere near a washer and wool dry cleaning services.

The benefit of having your wool clothing professionally done laundry cleaning services is that it protects wool sweaters from the harsh washing machine environment that causes wool sweaters to shrink—heat, rough and tumble, and heavy soaking. Additionally, the dry cleaning technique treats and cleans your sweaters using cleaning chemicals rather than water. It avoids conventional drying techniques, which can cause shrinking and fibre locking in your clothing.

  • Keep clothes quality maintained

Wool is a delicate fabric, and washing and drying it can impact the sweater’s fibres and other decorative elements. For example, wool can be felt if improperly handled. In addition, an unattractive solid lumping appears on some regions of your shirt due to the wool fibres fraying and fusing with the fibres around them. 

Furthermore, any buttons, sequins, lace, or other decorative elements will come free and fall off. Therefore, you will still have to deal with damaged items even if you can salvage any shrinkage.

Professional laundry cleaning services maintain the quality of your clothing, protect against the loss of buttons, sequins, and other decorations, and gently clean and dry your wool sweaters. The deep cleaning that comes with dry cleaning can help restore the shine of fabrics and make them look as good as new.

  • Larger things easily clean

Wool is best hand-washed if you’re planning to wash it at home. This is the most practical DIY way to clean wool and prevent shrinkage, but it is very time-consuming and careful. For example, you should clear your schedule and allot an entire evening if you want to hand wash a few wool sweaters. And forget about washing dirty blankets or full wool coats—you might need the whole week for that!

The most hassle-free cleaning option is to have your wool jackets, blankets, sweaters, and other items professionally dry-cleaned, regardless of size or material. Avoid highly complicated procedures, worry about destroying your special outfit, and get your hands dirty (or wet, to be more precise). Then, drop it off at the dry cleaners and go about the rest of your day worry-free, knowing that your priceless and delicate wool clothing is secure there.


Want to simplify your life even more? When can the wool dry cleaning services come to you? Hello Laundry, a professional laundry cleaning service, offers pickup and drop-off services for Laundry and dry cleaning. So you can leave home to give your garments the thorough cleaning they require.

Call Hello Laundry, your local friendly professional laundry cleaning services, if this is the first time you’ve worn your favourite wool sweaters this year. We’ll clean and prepare them to keep you warm this winter.

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