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8 Quality Control Questions You Need To Ask Before Sourcing From China


Conducting business in China can be difficult, especially when you’re dealing with products that require careful inspection and quality control. If you’re new to sourcing from China, or if you’re an experienced businessperson who wants to better understand the ins and outs of the process, this article will help you with everything from suppliers audit and getting the best price to properly managing your QC team and making sure the final product meets your requirements. You can get started today by reading through these quality control questions you need to ask before sourcing from China.

1) What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

One of the first questions to ask any potential supplier is the minimum order quantity. This is a difficult question for many companies because they are not sure what their customers want or need and don’t want to get stuck with too much inventory. An inspection company in China can help you answer this question by providing you with a detailed report on your current suppliers, including MOQs. As an added bonus, they will also provide you with inspection service in China, which will help avoid mistakes in the future.

2) What is the lead time for production?

The lead time for production varies by product. Some products can be produced in a matter of days while others may take weeks or months to produce. The type of product and its complexity will influence the production lead time. Generally, the longer the lead time, the higher the quality of your final product.

An inspection company in China can help you save valuable time and resources by inspecting your products before they are shipped overseas. An inspection service in China can help you maintain quality control at home and abroad by performing inspections as needed throughout production.

This is an important question to ask as it may determine the type of supplier you are looking for. If your minimum order quantity (MOQ) is low, then you will need a supplier who specializes in small-quantity orders. This will likely mean that you will be paying more for a higher quality product. If your MOQ is high, then you are likely looking for a supplier who is able to produce large quantities at a lower cost but with less quality assurance. It’s also important to note that in addition to your MOQ, the inspection company in China and inspection service in China can impact the price of the goods.

3) Do you offer any discounts for larger orders?

We offer discounts on larger orders because we want to help our customers save money. We also offer bulk rates on inspections, and the more items you have inspected, the cheaper it becomes per item. Contact us for more information about our inspection company in China and Inspection service in China.

4) Can you provide a sample of the product?

We have been sourcing from China for over a decade and we recommend you use an Inspection company in China and Inspection service in China to help you figure out what products are best for your needs. The inspections will provide you with data that can be difficult to get anywhere else, like the number of defects per unit, or the quality rating of the supplier. Plus they will also give you a list of action items that should be done before any production starts.

5) What is the warranty or guarantee for the product?

We have a complete inspection process in place including an quality control company in China and Inspection service in China. We can also offer you a warranty or guarantee on your products, but this will be up to the product specifications.

6) What methods do you use for quality control?

These days, most quality control inspection services in China are managed remotely. We do inspections for a couple of reasons: to monitor the production process and to validate that our products meet specifications. Our inspectors use a variety of technologies like X-ray, 3D scanning, and digital imaging to inspect parts at every step of the manufacturing process. They also test finished goods to ensure they’re up to our standards before they’re shipped out. This is done with the help of an inspection company in China and an inspection service in China.

7) What are your payment terms?

We offer competitive prices with 30-day payment terms. We will invoice you and then bill your credit card company on the day of shipment. We also offer an inspection service in China, where a third party inspector checks quality control from production to shipping.

8) What are your shipping terms?

We offer DHL, UPS and FedEx for international shipments, and a variety of shipping options for domestic deliveries. 

We use a team of inspection companies in China who offer Inspection service in China to inspect the goods before they are shipped from factories. Our inspection company will provide a written report detailing the exact condition of your order after inspecting each item. 

Before products ship from factories, our inspection company will be on site inspecting each product with detailed photos and videos. This will allow us to identify any quality defects or missing pieces before shipment to you.

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